Apparently, musician Nigel Kennedy needs to use Cannabis to do his job.

"I can't do this job without it, I need it to relax."
This is not true.

He is being charged in Germany for use/possession the drug. But Kennedy is conjuring up a vision of the disaffected musical genius, strung out to the bleeding edge of his profession and bringing us beatiful music with the help of drugs.

This is also not true.

If you actually read what happened he was caught when an after-concert party was raided by police. So, uh, Isn't that recreational use?

This sort of thing annoys me, because it is rationalizing and excusing a social choice. "It's OK, the normal rules do not apply because I need this". You get the same argument from alcoholics.

We cannot just pick and choose which rules to apply, and we shouldn't get given that choice because of some talent you have. Kennedy probably knows this, because that is what he is playing with in an attempt to win public sympathy for his plight. He can become a poster boy for the pro drugs campaigns.

And then, all of a sudden, it is no longer the case of a talented but not widely known musician in court on drugs charges, it is a much maligned, genius musician struggling to against the machine who want to kill his creativity. And the media lap it up.

I hope they hang him out to dry.